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34 Bitcoin Terms A to Z

Term 34 - 200 DMA

200 DMA means 200-day moving average. It's the average price of an asset over the last 200 days. A chart of the price vs. the 200 dma conveys information from the unscientific field of Technical Analysis. It is considered a support or resistance barrier. When the price is above the 200 dma it's considered bullish and when below the 200 dma considered bearish.

A 200 DMA can't be calculated until you have 200 prices.

Many charting software has the ability to add a 200 DMA line to the chart.
  • Go to which will get the current price of Bitcoin

    Example to calculate a 200 DMA.
  • Download a history for Bitcoin
  • Get the date and closing prices in column A and B
  • In cell C1 add 200 dma
  • In cell C201 add the formula =Average(C2:C201)
  • Copy and paste down from C201 to the end of the data

    Example with random data
  • Enter in A1 "Date"
  • Enter in B1 Price
  • Enter in C1 200 DMA
  • In B2 enter =Randbetween(50,1000)
  • In A2 enter a starting date say (11/1/2010)
  • In A3 enter =A2+1
  • Copy A3 to A4:A1000
  • In B3 enter =B2+randbetween(-5.00,5.00)
  • Copy B3 to B4:B1000

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